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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bombs used on Greek police - Spanish riots

Greek police attacked with gasoline bombs.

Floating on a Sea of Debt  -  The public starts to get violent as the Government Teat they were sucking on begins to run dry.
  • Cuts in benefits and increases in taxes.
  • The American Teat is also starting to run dry.

Violence  -  Coming soon to the United States?

The American welfare teat is running dry.  Do US political hacks will have balls to physically drag the corporate and individual suckers off the government treasury teat and risk violence in the streets?  or will they simply start up the printing press and belch out billions in phony Monopoly money to keep the party going?

Meanwhile in Europe demonstrators wearing helmets and gas masks and armed with sticks clashed with police in the Greek capital on Wednesday, as a general strike was held to protest the government’s austerity drive.

The American Teat is
also starting to run dry.

NBC News reported riot police fought with the protesters wearing the black clothes favored by anarchist groups for about 45 minutes in the central Syntagma Square, letting off tear gas in an attempt to disperse the crowd.

Much of the union's anger is directed at spending cuts worth nearly $15.55 billion over the next two years that Greece has promised the European Union and International Monetary Fund in an effort to unlock its next tranche of aid.

The bulk of those cuts are expected from slashing wages, pensions and welfare benefits, heaping a new wave of misery on Greeks who say repeated rounds of austerity have pushed them to the brink and failed to transform the country for the better.

Greeks on the streets

MADRID / SPAIN RIOTS  -  Waving the red flag of revolution
Leftists beat the police outside the Spanish Parliament.

There were also violent clashes between anti-austerity protesters and riot police in Spain on Tuesday.

Police there told The Associated Press that 38 people were arrested and 64 people injured when officers clashed with protesters demonstrating against cutbacks and tax hikes.

Several thousand people converged on the Spanish Parliament building in central Madrid where more than 1,000 riot police blocked off access to the building, forcing protesters to crowd nearby avenues.

Police baton-charged protesters at the front of the march and some demonstrators broke down barricades and threw rocks and bottles, the AP said. Reuters reported that police fired rubber bullets.
(NBC News)

Fire bombs against Greek police.

Violence in Spain.

Massive Spanish protests against cutting the welfare state.

Broke?  The Spanish unions keeps demanding more money.