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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Talk Radio Ratings for 2012

The True King of All Media.

The business of talk radio is interesting to watch.

Rush Limbaugh revolutionized radio and helped revive AM radio stations as well as the Conservative movement.  Leftist scum politicians are frightened to death of Limbaugh shining his national spotlight on their insane antics.

It is good to see the talk radio field grow.  By its very nature TV news cannot spend the time needed to fully discuss serious public issues.  Thank God for radio.

Here are the 2012 ratings.


Fearless and Honest.
Dr. Michael Savage is a favorite of mine because he refuses to drink the Socialist Kool Aid dished out by both political parties.  To me it is a badge of honor that Savage is hated by the so-called Conservative Elite and is banned from Fox News.  Forcefully telling the truth is always unpopular with the Elites.

Alien Anal Probes for all.
I can't help myself.  I just have to listen.  Noory is a great broadcaster.  Thank God someone is out there to warn us about Nazi moon colonies and the Myan 2012 Apocalypse

The Republican Pit Bull.
Everyone needs a vicious, unthinking animal to protect them from the scum of the world.  That is Sean Hannity.  The unthinking part is why I can take or leave Hannity and his fellow copycat hosts.  Most GOP hosts knee-jerk as mindless partisans.  They refuse to share with you the stories that I put on this Blog that show Republicans undermining the Constitution, growing government and building a 1984 Police State.


Anonymous said...

My personal talk radio favorites are Jerry Doyle, and Jason Lewis. I get a kick out of Michael Savage, and for local coverage, (PNW) there is none better than Lars Larson. Also, I try to listen to every weekend broadcast (podcast)with Barbara Simpson. (KSFO San Francisco) John Batchelor has an interesting show, that I would like to listen to more often. His show is to the right, what NPR is to the left.

Gary said...

We had Jerry Doyle on the radio locally for a short time. Loved him. I should look him up for streaming his show.

Darryl Schmitz said...
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Darryl Schmitz said...

I've subscribed to the Jerry Doyle Show for the past year now. It's the best $3/month I've ever spent. What a relief to be rid of the wasteland of Limbaugh clones and finally listen to someone who lambastes the hypocrite politicians from BOTH major parties.

Gary said...

Dolye is good.