"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Death of the American Pioneer Spirit

On the People:     
"If God didn't want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep."
- - - Eli Wallach (The Magnificent Seven)

Gallup Poll:  49% Obama  -  45% Romney
  • Poll after poll shows nearly half of Americans have no problem supporting Obama, the Marxist re-distribution of the wealth and a centralized State run economy.
  • Have we passed the tipping point where the looters and moochers outnumber the producers of society?
  • We will know in November . . . but does the election even matter?

By Gary;

The election may not matter because there is something different in the air.   It is hard to pinpoint, but I think it is the death of the American Pioneer Spirit.

Or let's call it the Sheepleization of America.

There has been a massive shift in the thinking of the people of the United States.  The American people have willingly transformed into a dependent and submissive Sheeple.  The cause is the bi-partisan adoption of Big Government Socialism and the Marxist re-distribution of wealth. 
Everyone is feeding on the
re-distributed wealth.

More and more the Sheeple want free shit paid for by some other guy.  That other guy is always the "evil" businessman who dares to creates jobs and wealth. 

Right-of-center voters are just as guilty as Leftists.  Everyone from farmers to small businessmen to Wall Street are all lined up for their share of the re-distribution in the form of cashing in food stamps at their stores, subsidies, insider tax codes for their too big to fail industry, corrupt government contracts or tax exemptions. 

Marxist wealth sharing is bad enough, but the Sheeple on both the right and the left appear to have abandoned the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in return for the promise of security.

Politicians of both parties have rushed to create a Police State with 30,000 drones in the air, Internet snooping and police cameras everywhere.  Meanwhile Senators like Rand Paul and Jim DeMint are treated as if they were lunatics because they believe in the Bill of Rights and want the police to have search warrants to spy on Americans.

Krauthammer On Obama's DNC Speech 'One of the Emptiest I've Ever Heard' 
Yes, an empty speech.  But it matter?  The looters and moochers will vote to re-distribute the wealth no matter what kind of speech is given.

Both the right and the left want to use other people's money to buy the votes of key segments of society.

The Left simply wants and wants and wants.  They steal everything that is not nailed down.  The road they take will make us a Hugo Chavez Banana Republic of endless poverty.

ROMNEY  AND  RYAN  -  Simply, they and a GOP Congress are our only hope.  But the GOP has not cut Federal spending by even one single cent since the 1920s.

While the modern Republican Party talks about tax cuts, they have gone out of their way to both protect government programs and to increase funding.  The best the GOP is offering to do is to try and balance the budget of the Big Brother Welfare State.

But even if the GOP decided to cut spending we come full circle right back to the American Sheeple.

Unlike our independent pioneer ancestors, the Sheeple bleat endlessly for more spending and a bigger Police State to protect them from all possible harm.  The Constitution and Bill of Rights have no meaning to either the Sheeple or their political hack Masters.

Even if the Republicans win do they have the will power to yank the looters and moochers off the government teat?

We are looking at a spending black hole a thousand times worse than Greece.  The next 6 to 9 months may decide if we survive as a free nation. 

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