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Friday, September 28, 2012

Brazil viciously attacks Internet Freedom

Brazil arrests Google Executive.
Fabio José Silva Coelho, Google's top executive in Brazil was arrested for refusing to censor YouTube for the Brazilian government.

Internet Police arrest the head of Google Brazil
  • Brazil tries to censor YouTube to pacify crazy Muslims and to control local candidates in elections.
  • Google faces fines of $4,950 a day if they do not bow to Big Government and censor the Internet.

A Sao Paulo, Brazil court gave Google 10 days to remove from YouTube any video containing scenes from the "Innocence of Muslims," an anti-Islam film that Muslims used as an excuse to commit stupid acts of violent protest and murder.

Roughly 40 percent of Brazil's estimated 12-million strong Muslim population live in the Sao Paulo metropolitan area, home to 20 million people.

The Sao Paulo court said failure to comply would mean "a daily fine of $4,950 reports AFP News.

The business daily Valor reported that Google failed to comply with another order from the electoral court of Mato Grosso do Sul to yank a video that offends Gerson Garcia, the mayoral candidate in the town of Nioaque.

And ten days ago, an electoral judge in the northeast state of Paraiba took similar action against Edmundo Balthazar, a Google director in Brazil, for failing to comply with an order to remove from YouTube a video in which a mayoral candidate was described as "a donkey".

Innocence of Muslims movie trailer 
God, this trailer is bad.  But I am posting it just to screw with the crazy ass insane Islamists.  We need the freedom of speech to condemn  so-called "prophets" like L. Ron Hubbard, Rev. Jim Jones or Mohammed.

Police arrested the head of Google Brazil over his refusal to remove YouTube videos that allegedly slander a mayoral candidate.

But as the crime that Fabio Jose Silva Coelho is accused of has "low potential to offend" he will not remain in custody, federal police said in a statement.

Rather, he will be released after he agrees in writing to appear in court, the statement said.

An electoral court has said Silva Coelho committed the crime of "disobedience" by not removing two videos that "slander, insult and defame" Campo Grande candidate Alcides Bernal.

The videos accuse the candidate of "instigating abortion, drunkenness, physical injury of a minor, illicit enrichment, and contempt as well as prejudice against the underprivileged," according to the indictment.

The tribunal, in the southwestern state of Mato Grosso do Sul, also asked Google to block YouTube in the town of Campo Grande, or the entire state, for 24 hours.

The first round of municipal elections in more than 5,000 Brazilian cities is scheduled for October 7.

Brazil’s electoral laws limit what critics can say on television, radio and the Internet about political candidates.

"Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up."
- - - V for Vendetta 

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