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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An Aussie stands up for Western values

A Pro-Western Values Candidate runs for City Council in Australia
  • And the pro-Islamic Aussie Leftists hate his guts for daring to speak the truth.
  • Muslims immigrate to other nations and demand religious freedom, but freedom of religion does not exist in Muslim nations.

By Eric Dondero:
From The Libertarian Republican

Sergio Redegalli is local artist in New South Wales, Australia (suburb of Sydney). He's known as the "man with the mural." His anti-Burka mural on a brick wall of his property, has been vandalized over 30 times in the last two years. Sergio simply believes, if you're going to come to Australia to live, assimilate to Australian ways, and don't cover your face in public.

Now, he's taking his activism to another venue; political office.

From the Inner West Courrier News, "Sergio Redegalli runs for council":
He's taking his political causes to Marrickville Council, he hopes, running for the council in the local government elections. . 
"Literally, for the last eight years our council has been a farce," he said. .
Mr Redegalli said he was running for council as he felt he was unrepresented. .
"In my ward I have two Greens and a Labor representative who hate my guts," he said. .
"I'm an unrepresented citizen in my area. The community needs to know that they can come to council and party politics doesn't stop them."
A representative for the local Green Party quoted in the piece calls Sergio a "racist" for supporting native Aussie rights.

Editor's comment  -  First of all, Islam is not a race.  But somehow it's not "racist" when Muslims badmouth Westerners, vow to destroy Western culture and society, or blow up discotheques in Bali killing dozens of Australian tourists.

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