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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pakistan jails 11 year old Christian girl

Islamic Anti-Christain Insanity
A Christian Pakistani girl, covered in a white cloth, is ushered into a police vehicle in Islamabad to go for a medical examination after being charged with blasphemy.

Christian girl sent to prison by Muslims for two more weeks
  • Muslims demand freedom of religion for themselves, but refuse to give it to others.


A Christian girl with Down's Syndrome arrested in Pakistan for allegedly burning the Koran appeared in court on Friday to be remanded in prison for a further two weeks.

Rimsha Misah, whose parents say she is 11 and was born with Down’s syndrome, has already been held for a fortnight in a case that has exposed the country’s harsh blasphemy laws to international condemnation.

She appeared before a district court in Islamabad on Friday morning, her tiny frame hidden beneath a white sheet to protect her identity amid growing fears for safety reports the UK Telegraph.

Her lawyer, Tahir Naveed Chaudhry, said he hoped she would be freed on bail on Saturday.

Christian girl arrested for blasphemy in Pakistan
An 11-year-old Christian Pakistani girl could face the death penalty under the country's notorious blasphemy laws.

The judge is due to decide whether to free her and is considering a medical report that concluded Rimsha was 14, but had a mental age considerably lower and should be treated as a minor.

Christian activist Xavier William said he visited Masih at a police station where she was first held, and then this week in prison.

“She was frightened and traumatised,” William told Reuters.

“She was assaulted and in very bad shape. She had bruises on her face and on her hands,” he added, referring to an attack by a mob in her village on the edge of Islamabad after she was accused of blasphemy.

Xavier William, president of Life for All, said Adiala prison, home to many of Pakistan’s most dangerous criminals, was no place for a vulnerable young girl.

“She is a minor, not an adult, and is being treated as a criminal,” he said. “We condemn today’s decision and are seeking meetings with the Interior Ministry to stop this now.”

Blasphemy carries the death penalty in Pakistan.

Christians protest for release of girl held for blasphemy

Christians flee girl’s village

Masih’s arrest triggered an exodus of several hundred Christians from her poverty-stricken village after local mosques reported over their loudspeakers what the girl was alleged to have done. Emotions were running high there.

A neighbour named Tasleem said her daughter saw Masih throwing away trash that included the burned religious material.

“If Christians burn our Quran, we will burn them,” she told Reuters.

Christians, who make up four per cent of Pakistan’s population of 180 million, have been especially concerned about the blasphemy law, saying it offers them no protection.
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Mukhtar Khan, a Muslim neighbor of an arrested Christian girl, shows the lock on her abandoned house and vows her family will never be allowed to return to the neighborhood in Islamabad.

Pakistanis protesting against the arrest of Christians.
Muslims demand freedom of religion for themselves, but they refuse
to give freedom of religion to others.

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