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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Muslim riots in Australia

Austrialian Police Attacked by Muslims.

Insane Muslim scum riot in the land down under
  • Again, Freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of thought does not exist under Islam.

Riots in Australia
Dozens of people have been injured in Sydney in Muslim riots.


From James L. Fryar:

This will interest my friends over in the States.

In the news report, a female reporter is literally shoved out of the way by an Islamist protester at one point. Scenes also of a Sydney police officer on the ground, attacked by the mob, and severely beaten. One police dog fights back and mauls a Muslim protester.

Editor's note - James, is of course, our Libertarian friend in Australia, member of the equivalent Libertarian Party (the LDP), and an LDP candidate for State Senate in 2011.

Exit question - This is downtown Sydney, Australia, folks. Yes, Sydney! You don't get any more of an iconic Western Civilization city than this. So, how soon till we see similar scenes like this in Dearborn, Detroit, Minneapolis or on the streets of Philadelphia? Cue it up... One, two, three...

Reprinted from The Libertarian Republican.

See the original Australian report on Real World Libertarian.

Muslims riot in Australia aganist those who believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of thought.


The Right Guy said...

Do the cops carry guns or are they like bobbies? I know the citizenry cannot. Foolishness down under. The progressive European mentality is to roll out the red carpet to anyone, deserving or not. Muslims don't want to become Australians, Germans, French, or Whatever. They want to change the culture to suit them.

Gary said...

Agreed. And that progressive European mentality is right here in the USA. We like to prend we are different, but we are importing the 3rd world by the ton.

The Right Guy said...

The differences are that not every state is impacted the same. If you live in California and New York, you'll see the change the greatest. Go to Montana, Idaho or Alaska, not as much.

I think the difference here is that we will wake up at some point, they won't. On the other hand, may be we'll have a second wave of Europeans immigrating here.

Gary said...

Jim, we have the Death of the West. Western nations no longer have any desire to exist or even reproduce. To replace our aborted populations we import countless millions from the 3rd world.

The Right Guy said...

I have 5 kids, so I did my share.

Gary said...

I used to look like Tom Cruise. But after three kids I now look like Andy Devine.

The Right Guy said...

I used to look like a greek god, now I look like a god damned greek.