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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Big Government says it is now OK to bake bread

Big Government says he is now free to bake bread.
Mark Stambler shows a couple of loaves of bread he baked in his backyard wood-burning oven. He had been selling about 50 loaves a week until the Los Angeles County Health Department ordered him to stop.   (Los Angeles Times)

A Win for Freedom  -  Left-wing California now allows home based food businesses
  • These new companies will create that "evil" capitalist thing called profit, along with wealth and even pay taxes into the Treasury.
  • Freedom  -  what a concept!

For reasons unknown the Leftist-Socialist legislature of the People's Republic of California has made it legal to start a small food business at home and to sell homemade muffins, cakes and pies at local stores and restaurants and directly to consumers.

Slammed by the economy, many households are looking to earn a bit of money on the side with home-cooked confections — without the huge upfront costs in leasing certified commercial kitchens and complying with myriad business rules.

The Los Angeles Times reports Comrade Governor Jerry Brown signed the bill which would permit home bakers to sell as much as $50,000 worth of goods a year, as long as they don't contain cream or meat products. So far, more than 30 other states have similar laws.

The bill was inspired last year when the Los Angeles County Health Department ordered Mark Stambler to stop selling as many as 50 loaves of bread he baked each week in his backyard oven in Los Feliz. Stambler, 59, had hoped to grow his baking into a full-time business, but the Health Department closed him down.

Under the old Socialist state law, it was a misdemeanor for small-scale home cooks and bakers — often mothers and part-time workers — to make money off their creations, except to benefit charities.  After all, making money is evil and capitalist.

Start-up food companies are currently required to work out of certified commercial kitchens, an expensive proposition that bars many from even trying.

"A small food company has no chance. It's impossible to make any money at all," one home baker said.  She rents two kitchens to make organic and gluten-free baked goods and barely recoups her costs.

"I literally work day and night," she said. "Had I been able to just bake at home, it would have made my life so much easier."

Freedom to Jam.
The People's Republic of California now allows you to sell homemade jams, breads, fruit pies, honey and other products for profit of all things.  What is stupid is it was illegal to sell these products in the first place.

The California Homemade Food Act now allows "non-potentially hazardous food" such as bread, fruit pies, empanadas, jams, honey and dried nuts to be sold out of houses, apartment complexes and other residences.

Sales of small-batch foods could spawn a lucrative industry worth hundreds of millions of dollars, supporters said. Many of the so-called Bakers Bills in other states were passed into law since the economic downturn.

Under the bill, home food producers would still have to obtain permits, label their products as homemade and offer lists of ingredients. Their gross annual sales would be capped next year at $35,000, rising to $50,000 in 2015.

Those selling directly to consumers would have to register with their local health departments and complete food handler courses. Purveyors selling through a retailer would also be subject to health department inspections.
(Los Angeles Times-homemade-food)

Hell must have frozen over.
For some strange reason the Socialist California state legislature thought it was a good idea for people to open home businesses, create wealth and pay taxes into the treasury.  Maybe, just maybe, there is hope for freedom in America.


Anonymous said...

Socialism? This sound more like Fascism to me.

Gary said...

There is not much difference between the two.