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Thursday, September 6, 2012

China Buys up the United States

Now Chinese Owned.
Hawker Beechcraft Corporation of Wichita, Kansas, with 8,000 employees. 
As of July, 2012 the company is owned by China.

The Road to Serfdom Series
Communist China is on a spending spree buying up American companies and natural resources
  • Chinese companies act on behalf of China's Communist Party rulers. Communist State-run firms represent about 90% of Chinese outbound investment, according to the Heritage Foundation.
  • What American will speak out against the policies of China when their paycheck comes from the Communist Party?
  • As usual neither American political party will even discuss this subject.  Instead they want to distract you with the stupid social issue of the moment while the country is being sold off and your new Master at work is another nation.

The assets of the United States are being sold off and there is a near total media and political blackout on the subject. . . . . except here at THE FEDERALIST blog.

Communist Party owned Chinese companies are plowing money into U.S. and buying up assets at a record pace, making huge bids for American energy, aviation, entertainment and other businesses.

The increase in investment, already at least $8 billion this year, comes despite lingering American anxieties about potential breaches of national security and loss of technology to the powerful Asian competitor reports the Los Angeles Times.

As usual Chinese purchases have received little attention in the political campaigns of either major U.S. party.

Natural resources remain a major target for the Chinese, who have scoured the globe for oil and minerals to fuel the nation's rapid industrial development. In April, China Petrochemical Corp, also known as Sinopec, closed a $2.5-billion deal to buy a one-third stake in Devon Energy Corp. of Oklahoma City.

Across other industries, Chinese corporations are buying into American companies for their prowess in branding, marketing and research capabilities.

Conglomerate Dalian Wanda Group paid $2.6 billion this year for the heavily indebted AMC Entertainment, one of the largest movie theater chains in North America. The deal gives Wanda a foothold in the U.S. entertainment industry and a chance to gain expertise in the day-to-day operations of movie theaters.

Just this month, Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang Group Corp. announced plans to provide a $465-million rescue package for struggling battery maker A123 Systems Inc., based in Waltham, Mass. The agreement gives Wanxiang, one of China's biggest private companies, a chance to buy a majority stake in a world-class battery developer for electric cars.

Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Florida) has warned that Wanxiang's investment in A123 could end up as a transfer of taxpayer-funded intellectual property to a "foreign adversary." The battery maker was the beneficiary of a $249-million clean-energy grant from the Department of Energy.

Concerns have been raised about a massive $15.1-billion bid by the Communist state-owned China National Offshore Oil Corp., or CNOOC, to buy Nexen Inc., a Canadian oil company with operations in U.S. waters in the Gulf of Mexico.

China buying up the United States - CHEAP
Lou Dobbs about foreign governments buying up the United States.  Dobbs' report is from 2008 but nothing has changed.  The story is dead on. 

Chinese investments in U.S. companies hit a record of nearly $9 billion in 2007, according to separate data compiled by Dealogic, a research firm, and Derek Scissors, a Heritage Foundation analyst who follows Chinese investments. Their figures don't include Chinese purchases of American bonds, private real estate purchases and many smaller acquisitions.

"The Chinese government has given an implicit green light to reach overseas to secure assets that will help Chinese businesses thrive in the long term," said David Wolf, the Beijing-based head of the Wolf Group Asia consulting firm.

China Buys AMC as Part of Hostile Media Takeover 
In 2012 the Chinese company Wanda announced it purchased AMC, the second-largest theater chain in the USA, increasing fears that the Chinese Communist Party is expanding its influence globally as part of a media takeover.

Chinese companies act on behalf of China's Communist Party rulers, rather than shareholders. State-run firms represent about 90% of Chinese outbound investment, according to the Heritage Foundation.

The Asia Society estimates Chinese overseas investment will climb to $1 trillion by 2020, presenting a major opportunity for foreign markets.

One Chinese company looking to increase its American presence is Xinjiang Goldwind Science and Technology Co., China's second-largest wind turbine maker. The company has invested more than $200 million in U.S. wind farms in Illinois and Montana.

(Los Angeles Times)

 In April, 2012 the Communist Party owned China Petrochemical Corporation closed a $2.5-billion deal to buy a one-third stake in Devon Energy Corp. of Oklahoma City which has 5,200 employees.


The Road to Serfdom Series

The world is moving toward a modern form of Neo-Serfdom where everyone works for the all-powerful State or businesses controlled by the State. A world where individual property rights and economic freedom do not exist.

FREEDOM IS VANISHING: What happens when the major employers are owned by government backed investment groups, or your food comes from government owned farms, or your news is delivered by so-called "private" corporations but are in reality connected and interconnected to governments?

George Orwell had a name for it: Big Brother.

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