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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

1,000 Christian & Hindi girls kidnapped, forced to become Muslim

Pakistani Christians shout out their faith in protest against
the persecution of their fellow believers.

Muslim Persecution of Minorities

HYDERABAD  (Dawn)  : A large number of members of minorities and civil society organisations held a demonstration outside the press club here on Thursday in protest against alleged forced conversion of Hindu and Christian girls, reiterating their demand for legislation on the issue to discourage the trend.
Advocate Bhag Chand Bheel, Mukesh Meghwar and Pushpa Kumari who led the protest that coincided with National Minority Day urged the government to arrest Mian Mithoo of Ghotki and Pir Sarhandi of Umerkot, accusing them of facilitating forced conversions.
They complained the government had failed to take action against Mian Mithoo and Pir Sarhandi and appreciated the words of the founder of the country on minorities’ rights and called for legislation on their issues in the parliament.

The condition of religious minorities was going from bad to worse and their number was shrinking day by day, they feared.
They claimed that around 1,000 cases of forcible conversion of Hindu and Christian girls were recorded every year, while many cases went unreported.
They said that cases of conversion were mostly reported in Sindhi newspapers but were not highlighted adequately by mainstream Urdu and English electronic and print media.
They urged the mainstream media to raise minorities’ issues in order authorities concerned take their notice and evolve a comprehensive policy on them and take legislative measures.
They alleged that Hindu and Christian girls were abducted and produced after a period of two or three months during which they were threatened to forcibly change their religion.
They said the community was demanding the government make laws on the sensitive issue as it could not be resolved until a law was formed.
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Persecuted Pakistani Hindus seek refuge in India

Out of the frying pan into the fire.
Such a fate has befallen a Christian family who fled persecution in Pakistan only to realise later on that their situation has gone from bad to worse.
Interviewed by CBN News recently, Mustaq Faisal said he and his family had no choice but to abandon their home in Pakistan and flee to Thailand after he and his family were marked for death by their Muslim neighbours last year.
In quivering voice and eyes filled with tears, Faisal recalled an incident when their neighbours accused him of tearing pages from the Quran and threatened to kill his family in revenge.
"I was so scared. I told them I would never do anything like that to their holy book, but they didn't believe me," he said.   (Christian Today)

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