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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

'Fear the Walking Dead' Infected With Boredom

For the Love of God
Just Cancel The Series

By Gary;

The word boring comes to mind.

As perhaps the ultimate fan of the original The Walking Dead I had high hopes for this spin off series.  Those hopes have crashed on a rocky shore. The only hope now is if AMC cancels the series out of respect for fans.

The series started off slow. OK I can deal with that. The first season was watchable, still the plots never developed into anything I cared about.

The broken family had some interest. But featuring a 19 year old heroin junkie as a main character was not for me. Hell, just throw him to the zombies and be done with it.

The plots were weak and got progressively weaker. . . . a pale shadow of the original series. Worse though the acting is average at best. I could have cared less if any cast member was eaten.

I will give good marks to Ruben Blades for the dark character he tried to spin out of the material given to him. Also Colman Domingo as sophisticated businessman Victor Strand was refreshing. They were the only lights among a cast with little talent.

Ratings Collapse

A disappointed pubic agrees with me. "Fear" premiered with an impressive 10.1 million viewers in August, 2015. Unfortunately it was all down hill from there.

By April, 2016 the audience had fallen to 6.6 million. This weeks return saw only 2 million in the 18-49 audience.

If the show was about vampires I would say put a stake through its heart. But with zombies just put a bullet in its head and move on.

(TV by the numbers)

Victor Strand was one of two interesting characters in a disappointing series.

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