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Monday, August 29, 2016

Bathroom signs threaten our "safe space", UNC students complain

Safe Spaces For All
Only insane Leftists could turn taking a dump 
into a social justice cause

(Campus Reform)  -  Social justice advocates at the University of North Carolina are outraged over new gender-neutral bathroom signs, saying they prefer the signs put up by students years ago.
Students with UNC’s “Campus Y,” a self-described center for social justice, were ahead of the gender-neutral curve when in 2013 they designated four single-stall restrooms in their on-campus building as being open to all genders.
Now that gender-neutral restrooms are being established throughout campus, however, The Daily Tar Heel reports that Campus Y members are complaining that the school surreptitiously removed their original signage early Wednesday morning, replacing it with university-approved placards that the students consider an insult to their previous efforts.
Specifically, they are upset that the newly-installed signs do not include the transgender pictogram (a combination of the Mars and Venus symbols used to indicate male and female organisms) and merely depict a stationary man, woman, and disabled person.
“It’s really hurtful knowing that the UNC administration—whoever those people are in an office somewhere—could take all that student passion away silently one morning before class,” Campus Y member Kaitlin Harlow told the Tar Heel.
Others went so far as to accuse the administration of openly attacking UNC’s LGBTQ community by replacing the restroom signs.
“Campus Y is a safe place for queer folks on campus, represented in a [sic] signage, so to tear down the signs we’ve made is an attack on this space and what it represents,” declared student Griffin Unger.
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