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Monday, August 22, 2016

Muslims Videotaping Catholic Church Service Cause Scare

If you believe their story then I have some 
swampland in Florida I would like to sell you.

(Dayton Daily News) Ohio  -  Kettering Police and Ascension Catholic Church leaders say two to three Arab men who entered the church Sunday and began videotaping the service were studying Christianity.
The men’s activity alarmed some parishioners who contacted police which prompted officers to respond.
“While their actions did arouse suspicion, we believe their actions were simply a breach of proper etiquette,” a statement on Ascension’s website read Thursday morning. “While current evidence suggests that they intended no ill will, the Kettering police and other appropriate agencies are continuing to thoroughly investigate the matter and are keeping us aware of their findings.”
Police said the individuals were questioned outside the sanctuary at the church on Sunday and told officers they were studying Christianity.
The individuals were taking videos of portions of Sunday’s mass and discontinued their filming after speaking with officers and were permitted to return to the sanctuary, church officials said in a statement.

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