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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

CNN edits 'Crooked' out of Trump tweet

The press is biased. Say it ain't so.

(90 Miles from Tyranny)  -  CNN is willing to quote Donald Trump’s talking points on Hillary Clinton, but apparently not his nickname for her.

In a continuing effort to cast doubt on his presidential opponent's health, Trump called on Clinton to release her full medical records in a tweet Sunday night.

But when CNN reported the tweet on "CNN Newsroom" with anchor Jim Sciutto, a graphic of the tweet omitted the GOP nominee's use of "Crooked" proceeding "Hillary."

A CNN.com story that updated Monday morning does include Trump's tweet in its entirety.

A CNN spokesperson told The Hill that "the tweet should have been shown in its entirety."

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Anonymous said...

some countries don`t vote , and in others the winner wont ruled it , ... don`t you go on that road ...
better stick with Dem and Gop instead of a bunch of crazy other people