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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Police confiscate and destroy 2,000 guns

Communists Confiscate Weapons

  • Using crime reduction as the excuse, Communist Venezuela acts to take guns away from the people.

(Washington Examiner)  -  Police in Venezuela destroyed nearly 2,000 shotguns and pistols Wednesday as part of a new national gun control campaign to take firearms off the streets.
"We are going to bring disarmament and peace," Interior Minister Nestor Reverol told Reuters. Law enforcement officers drilled and sawed weapons and used truck-mounted presses to crush some firearms.
Venezuela boasts the second-highest murder rate in the world. National leaders hope their efforts to decrease the number of weapons available to residents will shrink the crime rate and lower gang activity.
But part of the issue in Venezuela is the growing recession and incentive civilians have to join cartels and gangs, which pay more than police make.
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