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Friday, August 12, 2016

Muslim with butcher knife attacks shoppers

The Fruit of Open Borders

  • If you dare to say out loud that your nation, culture and religion have the right to exist behind secure borders then you will be tagged as a "racist" and "hater".

(London Daily Mail)  -  Police officers were forced to shoot down a knife wielding man who terrified shoppers with shouts of 'Allah Akbar.'

The incident took place on Tuesday afternoon in Spijkenisse, a commuter-town close to the city of Rotterdam in the west of the Netherlands.

The police spotted a local man, 35, close to the central metro station of Spijkenisse who made wild movements with a butcher's knife.

Shoppers and commuters were especially worried by shouts of 'Allah Akbar'.

A police officer was forced to shoot down the man when he came storming towards them with the knife.

According to a police spokesman, the knife wielding man was still responsive after he was shot in his leg, and was taken to a hospital.

Multiple eye-witnesses heard the shouts of 'Allah Akbar', although some who watched the scenes unfold were not impressed.

One eye-witness said: 'About every person on the planet is shouting 'Allah Akbar' nowadays.' 

The man heard from a group of girls that the suspect also dropped his pants in front of them before making a scene with the butcher's knife.

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