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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

FBI-Clinton join forces to declare election fraud if Trump wins

The Clintons are about to 
steal the election
The Clinton Machine is setting the stage in the minds of the public that a Trump victory is a creation of Russian hackers 

By Gary;

You cannot bullshit a bullshitter and I smell major bullshit in the election air.

You remember Donald Trump daring to speak out about the elections being rigged? He was trashed by Comrade Obama and the Clinton Crime Family.

But that was then and this is now.

At that point the Hildabeast was ahead in the polls. Now in the latest L.A. Times/USC poll Trump is ahead by three points.

Democrats are crapping their pants in panic. At this exact moment the bought and paid for FBI director James Comey and crooked Democrat Senate leader Harry Reid announce that the Russians are hacking American election systems.

Russian hackers are the perfect public face for election fraud because it is totally unprovable by anyone!

Internet Hacking is a Fraud

To the point. If you had a government secret would you store it on a system connected to the Internet where any pimple faced 16 year old could hack it?  No.

Internet hacking of government secrets is a false flag. The politicians scream "They are stealing our secrets. We must crack down on Internet freedom to protect the nation."

Pure 100% Bullshit.

Now Internet Election Fraud

No sane person would connect voting to the Internet or paperless machines. But the political liar class has been forcing down our throats ballotless electronic voting that magically just happens to be connected to the Internet.

In many areas there is no longer a paper ballot for a re-count.  Your "vote" is an electronic blip that can be adjusted based on the need of a candidate.

I am expecting a replay of the 2000 election fraud in Florida but on a mega, multi state scale.

This will not be the normal GOP vs Democrat pretend fight. In this case the wall building Trump will be attacked by the entire open borders Bush-Cruz camp as a crazy megalomaniac out for himself. How dare he question democracy!

Strap yourself in. It's gonna be a Hell of a ride.

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