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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Trump to Savage: Obama, Hillary causing 'new Cold War'

Warmongers United Against Trump

  • The pro-war Right and Left have united against Trump. How can we simple minded yokels even think of trying get along with nations like Russia?
  • Endless War  -  For example, the GOP & Dems in Congress vote the cash to give mountains of weapons to Syrian Islamists and Obama has the CIA act as gun runners. Then with all Hell breaking out Obama says the U.S. needs to act to prevent the horror that was created by our own weapons deliveries.

(World Net Daily)  -  On the heels of major speeches on foreign policy and race relations along with a campaign-staff shakeup, Republican nominee Donald Trump told talk-radio host Dr. Michael Savage the policies of President Obama and Hillary Clinton toward Russia have prompted something “worse than a Cold War,” with Moscow building up arms while the U.S. depletes its military.
“Putin is not a baby, and you look at what’s going on in Russia. They’re spending a fortune on their military, including nuclear and missiles all over the place, and we’re not,” he told listeners of “The Savage Nation” Wednesday.
Trump said Clinton “has the wrong attitude” toward Russia.
“Russia can be a tremendous help to us in knocking out ISIS and save us a lot,” he said.
“And that can happen with the proper leadership.”
Trump affirmed to Savage he believes his campaign is on the rebound.
“It looks like it’s a very close race from the internal polls, and Zogby came out yesterday saying we’re two behind, and I think we’re doing very well, Michael. It looks like we’re doing very well,” Trump said.
“That speech last night got a lot of good reviews, very good reviews,” he added, referring to his campaign rally near the Milwaukee-area neighborhoods that suffered two nights of riots over a police shooting Saturday.
Appealing to black voters, Trump vowed in his speech in West Bend, Wisconsin, to restore law and order and help revitalize inner-city neighborhoods he said had been devastated by Democratic policies.
“I am running to offer you a much better future,” Trump said in the speech. “Crime and violence is an attack on the poor and it will never be accepted in a Trump administration.”
Savage, affirming Trump’s foreign policy speech Monday, asked the candidate to respond to Obama’s handling of the military.
“The military is totally depleted, we’ve got old planes, we have old jet fighters, we have old equipment. It’s a totally depleted military at a time when we need a very strong military,” Trump told Savage.
“This is a perilous time; we’re going to build up our military,” he said.
Trump said Putin “doesn’t want ISIS any more than we do,” affirming Russia is “a natural ally” against what Savage described as “the most powerful scourge on the planet.”
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