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Thursday, August 25, 2016

‘C*cks not Glocks’: Texas students carry sex toys to protest campus gun carry law

"Cocks not Glocks"
I have to admit this is one of the 
better political slogans I have seen.

(RT News)  -  Hundreds of University of Texas students began their first day of class carrying sex toys to protest the controversial campus concealed handgun carry law. Organizers said they hope students will continue to carry the dildos until the law is repealed.

At a midday rally, hundreds of students enthusiastically strapped the dildos to their backpacks or handed them out on campus to protest the campus law which went into effect on August 1.

The state law allows those licensed to carry a concealed handgun to bring their weapons on public university campuses. There was furious debate about the measure among students and teachers and among political leaders especially over the growing number of mass shooting, a number of which have taken place on college campuses.

Event organizers for the ‘C*cks not Glocks’ campaign said they hope students will continue to carry the dildos until the law is repealed.

"It seems that I have cracked an enormous dick joke on the internet," Jessica Jin told the San Antonio Express-News, speaking of the protest she launched all the way back in October 2015 that is now being heralded as possibly the largest anti-gun protest in Texas history.
In an earlier interview with the Statesman, event organizer Ana López said she and other organizers have managed to gather more than 4,000 dildos for the event, all donated from sex-toy suppliers.
“We’re fighting absurdity with absurdity,” she said.
University of Texas does prohibit displays or performances considered obscene and state law bars displays of obscene items.
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Anonymous said...

Notice you got this news from RT , the FSB Putin front Global News . Nowadays it`s seems like the BBC World News or CNN .Double Standard and biased . On RT ... well everybody knowns who`s master they have. Start with a V . And no ... is not Vin Diesel .
Neverdless is a stupid move , if funny , from those students. Someone must ask then , what if those dead people in S.Bernardino , or Orlando could choose before things go terribly wrong, they would not want a glock instead .
Cannot imagine Farrozz and that black wardrobe of wife of him , and that Omar Mateen , beeing stopped by a massive amount of flyiing dildos.Think that don`t got the same stopping power of amno from that gun.
They may want instead to stand that sit in , to call their local gun suplier , or local NRA representive, for they own self defense .

Gary said...

Yes RT has "Masters", but that is no different from the controlled corrupt U.S. Media Machine which covers up news stories.

Anonymous said...

Thats maybe true.
Cause in my country almost all the Media are biased and double standard , i`m been seeing BBC and the CNN on a regulat basis , hoping something diferent, but notice that BBC is almost the Labour official newsreal , and CNN the Official Hillary global network .
Sometimes i wonder who owns CNN , do you know ? i thought it was Ted Turner , but i wonder now who middle eastern country own that now .Do you know ?

Unknown said...

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