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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Work until you die - Raise retirement age to 69

The Government Wants 
Your Pension Money
And they are going to get it too

(The Local)  -  The German Federal Bank (Bundesbank) said in its monthly report on Monday that by 2060 Germany should increase the retirement age to 69 from the current 65.
The retirement age is already set to reach 67 by 2030, but the Bundesbank said that even with the current favourable financial situation and this increase, “further adjustments are inevitable”.
“At the same time, a longer working life will not be taboo,” said the report.
Because Germans are now living longer and having fewer children, the current system will not be enough to meet targets. Once the baby-boomers have all retired, there will be fewer new workers to fill the gaps and thus fewer contributors into the system - especially since Germany has been seeing lower birth rates in recent years.
A longer working life should be able to stabilize pension levels so that retirees would receive 44 percent of their average salary: maintaining the current plan could see pension levels fall to just over 40 percent.
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