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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Ted Cruz Supporters Running Anti-Trump TV Ads

"Conservatives" for Hillary

  • Bottom Line  -  The GOP controls Congress and the borders are wide open, no bill passed to build a wall, no bill to cut even one cent in spending, no flat tax, Obamatrade (TPP) is being held in secret by Congress until after the election, VA hospitals are crap etc etc etc.
  • By promising to actually do something Trump exposes the lie that we have a two party system. We are ruled by one party with two factions that agree with each other on 90% of policy. 

(Politico)  -  Anti-Trump Republicans are preparing to launch a broadcast TV ad in a handful of swing-state suburbs urging Donald Trump to quit the presidential race so the party can replace him with a more electable nominee.

The ad, titled "Keep Your Word," features footage of Trump during the Republican primary in which he suggested he'd drop out if he saw his poll numbers decline.

The 30-second spot is marked for a limited run on broadcast networks in suburban Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Michigan, according to Regina Thomson, a Colorado Republican activist and leader of Free the Delegates, the organization that failed to stop Trump's nomination at last month's national convention. All four states are central to Trump's path to the White House, though he's trailing in most polls of those states.

The ad is backed by a five-figure buy, according to Thomson, but the group hopes to eventually expand its run to Fox News Channel. It's initially set to air on broadcast news channels beginning Tuesday. 

It's marked for the four states' suburban media markets, according to Free the Delegates, because they're areas that typically lean Republican but appear to be tilting in Hillary Clinton's favor this year.

The spot was produced by NOVA Digital Films, a Virginia-based firm that lists a slew of conservative candidates and organizations as clients, including Americans for Prosperity, the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List and former gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli.

The firm also lists the Republican Party of Virginia as a client, but Chairman John Whitbeck told POLITICO Sunday that he has no record of the party doing business with the firm and has requested that it be removed from NOVA Digital's website. NOVA Digital's Greg Letiecq said he'd done work with the party for years (though not as much since Bob McDonnell's 2009 gubernatorial run) and suggested the party's records may have him listed under the name Beehive Sites or under his personal name, rather than under NOVA.

The Trump campaign dismissed the effort as the last remnants of a dying NeverTrump movement.

“The 'Never Trump’ movement died at the Republican Convention after it was revealed that they were nothing more than press releases and Facebook posts. The reality is, Republicans and non-Republican voters alike are rapidly uniting behind Donald Trump’s candidacy as people look for a real change agent who isn’t afraid to break up the rigged system," said Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller.

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Anonymous said...

Trump is doing nothing usefull till the nomination to win .It is like he is bound to say and do things mended to lose to Hillary .
Even if some ideas are feaseable , the MO is lousy . Trump shouldn`t not be the nominee , if he was not running to win .
Shamefull doh , those republicans that say go to Hillary , cause that is even a worse trap .
Only Lincoln could rise and change things up , for those who do not endorse Trump .But it is to late now . Crooked Hillary , and jihadi friends go on advance now . Dingbat Hillary , brainless who need lifesuport from Huma Abedin are bound to take America to doom.

Gary said...

NOTE: All the GOP candidates refused to join in on building a wall and the GOP Congress agrees. The GOP is an open borders party serving the interests of their Masters on Wall Street.

As I have Blogged, Trump is a Ross Perot Reform Party outsider. Works for me.

Anonymous said...

Hope you right.
To me , and i`m not american , I sense that the way Trump say things and do things is bound to lose . He put everybody against him , and now he show lack of resolution on they own thoughts that give him the nomination. I got the feeling that he is bought by someone to lose to crooked Hillary .
He going to meet with the President of México . I fell sorry for you , if you hope that Wall be build on the border . Understand the goal to it cause we over here see on tv your border patrol working 24/7 on lots of strange stuff .You must be afraid that Pena Nieto maybe will convince him to give Califórnia, Arizona , New México, and Texas back , instead , as he drunk on mescal abide to it by signing some paper.
If so as Hillary give Huma abedin friends , Michigan , Illinois , Wisconsin, Minnesotta to put the so call "syrians refugees" someday you americans ended up all living in Rhode Island .