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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Thursday, May 22, 2014

GOP & Dems work together to protect Big Brother spying

By Gary;

The bi-partisan goose-step to a 1984 Police Surveillance State is not slowing down in the least.  If anything it is picking up speed.

Now we are seeing the Feds putting together a sweeping national “biosurveillance” system that will give Big Brother drone bureaucrats near real-time access to Americans’ private medical information in the name of national security.

Keep in my that these unconstitutional spy programs are fully funded by both parties.

This latest horror would allow Big Brother to monitor an individual’s behavior before, during and after any government-defined health “incident” – which could be anything from a local outbreak of the flu to a terrorist anthrax attack.

According to the program the Feds will create “health situational awareness” by “collecting, aggregating and processing data from both traditional and nontraditional sources (such as social media) and from various governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders….Decision-makers will have the capability to visualize and manipulate data from many sources to create an operational picture suited to the specific situation and the decisions before them,” reports CNS News.

Great, the Feds will be recording and reading our Tweets, Blogs and Facebook postings . . . don't worry, it's for our own good you know.  The government would never abuse their power would they?

Watering Down the Freedom Act
Bi-Partisan Bullshit
The GOP House leadership is working
with Comrade Obama to protect
unconstitutional NSA spying on the
American people.

The bipartisan assault on freedom goes on. 

Secret negotiations between Republican House leadership and the Obama Regime has “watered down” legislation intended to reform Police State surveillance of domestic phone data spying.

This revised standard for the USA Freedom Act’s reform of surveillance is too broad and leaves privacy protections at risk, says Kevin Bankston, of the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute.

“We cannot in good conscience support this weakened version of the bill, where key reforms—especially those intended to end bulk collection and increase transparency—have been substantially watered down,” he said in a release on Tuesday.

“Before this bill becomes law, Congress must make clear – either through amendments to the bill, through statements in the legislative record, or both – that mass collection of innocent people’s records isn’t allowed,” the New America Foundation writes in their statement.

“The Leadership of the House is demonstrating that it wants to end the debate about surveillance, rather than end bulk collection,” said Harley Geiger, Senior Counsel at the Center for Democracy & Technology. “As amended, the bill may not prevent collection of data on a very large scale in a manner that infringes upon the privacy of Americans with no connection to a crime or terrorism. This is quite disappointing given the consensus by the public, Congress, the President, and two independent review groups that ending bulk collection is necessary.”

The gutting of the USA Freedom Act was virtually ignored by the establishment media – and for good reason: the national security state needs all-encompassing surveillance to retain its hold on power.

(RT News)      (Infowars News)

Police Promise Not to Shoot Residents
Police in the Wisconsin town of Neenah have reassured residents that military trucks obtained from the U.S. Army now being deployed for domestic law enforcement duties won't be used to fire on the locals.

The Bipartisan Police State
Both Liberals and Conservatives have locked arms to fully fund, protect and grow an unconstitutional 1984 Police Surveillance State.  Your every phone call, text, email, medical procedure, purchase and movement is recorded, cataloged and scrutinized by Big Brother. 
If you dare to speak out against your Masters you can expect to get fired from your job, see an IRS anal probe of biblical proportions or the loss of business through intimidation of your customers.

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