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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

$20,000 spent on White Privilege Conference by Wisconsin

White Liberal Masturbation
  • A bunch of mostly white liberals got together, oiled themselves up and went at it in an orgy of white guilt masturbation at the annual White Privilege Conference.  Did I mention that Wisconsin taxpayers got to foot the bill?

The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and University of Wisconsin System spent more than $20,000 on the White Privilege Conference according to records available at the state’s transparency website, OpenBook.wi.gov.

The 15th annual national White Privilege conference was held in Madison in late March. The MacIver Institute reported on two sessions that took place at the conference.

The facilitator in the first workshop called teaching “a political act,” while the second attacked the Tea Party for being racist.

Other workshops included discussions about white privilege in elementary classrooms and promoting issues of social justice reports the MacIver Institute.

Media Trackers originally broke the story that taxpayer dollars were being used in part to fund the conference.

According to OpenBook.wi.gov, the UW System spent $18,157.50 on the conference and DPI spent $2,070.

The UW System spent $9040.50 on travel expenses for non-state employees, $5,000 on professional services relating to the conference, and $4,117 on travel costs for an in-state conference, convention, and training.

The conference was paid for in part with taxpayer dollars. According to the Wisconsin Reporter, the conference received at least $38,000 from hotel room tax revenue, University of Wisconsin schools, and the City of Madison.

National White Privilege Conference in Madison

Bullshit Alert!
Rather than meet in the Ghetto in order to "get down" with the Revolution and minorities, the elite, mostly white, attendees of the White Privilege Conference met at the plush Monona Terrace Convention Center that was built by architect Frank Lloyd Wright!
Did the libs think about the poor hungry black children while they waddled to the buffet line for seconds on roast beef? 

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