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Saturday, May 17, 2014

FCC Votes to Destroy Internet Freedom!

Goose Stepping into the Future
  • The unelected FCC voted to advance its plans for control over the Internet. If the self-appointed commanders of the Internet have their way, net-neutrality will be abolished.
  • Also note that the "liberal" Democrats and the "small government" GOP act as one unit to fully fund the unelected FCC and every other unelected Big Government dictatorial Federal agency.

Neo-Fascist Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler went ahead with his proposal on Thursday to give his agency the power to decide whether the terms and prices of broadband Internet services are "reasonable."
That's bad enough as political discretion, but according to dissenting Commissioner Ajit Pai, regulators from every state will also be able to get into the act.
Wheeler's goal is to satisfy the "net neutrality" supporters demanding that every broadband customer receive the same deal, no matter how much bandwidth they consume. Backed by two other Democrats, Mr. Wheeler said he prefers the "reasonable" pricing standard. But he also suggested another, even worse option to regulate broadband prices: reclassifying Internet connections as "telecommunications services."
Coming Soon  -  As the unelected Federal lackeys expand their power over the Internet you can expect Federal "pressure" on Internet providers to control "hate" or other speech that is not approved by the all-powerful-state. 
Neo-Fascist in Training
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler
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For two decades Congress has wisely refused to give the FCC the same power over the Internet that it holds over the telephone system. And for two decades the Internet has enabled a gusher of creativity that was unimaginable over a century of regulated telephony. Wheeler's brainstorm to change all this is simply to pretend the Internet is a phone network reports the Wall Street Journal.
This would apply to today's broadband networks common-carrier rules that were designed for monopoly telephone companies—and created decades before the inventors of smart phones and social media were even born. Since this designation would automatically impose myriad obligations that have nothing to do with current customer needs—and that many modern firms could not possibly fulfill—the commission would then have to issue a flurry of exemptions ("forbearance" in FCC parlance) to prevent chaos in the market for Internet connections.

GOP Commissioner Michael O'Rielly, who also dissented, notes that the FCC's net-neutrality campaign "rests on a faulty foundation of make-believe statutory authority." But even if the FCC can persuade federal courts to accept one of its methods to assert control over the Internet, that still doesn't mean the agency can satisfy the net-neutrality crowd.
That's because for all the complexity and lawyering the new regulations would bring, no law has ever said carriers can't charge different prices for different services. If Google and Netflix want to push a lot of content over the Internet and ensure its smooth delivery to customers, they will need to pay more than the start-up sending the occasional packet of data.
FCC Votes to Destroy Internet Freedom!

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