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Monday, May 26, 2014

Anti-immigration Le Pen surges in EU elections

The Peasants Are Revolting
The big government-immigration loving Socialists
are under attack all over Europe.

The anti-immigration National Front (FN) is leading the elections in France with around 25% of the vote, initial projections said on Sunday. It's the best-ever results for the Marine Le Pen-led anti-immigration, anti-EU party, which won just 6.3% five years ago.
The center-right opposition Union for a Popular Movement (UMP), meanwhile, had 21% of the vote. The ruling Socialist party of President Francois Hollande was trailing in third place with between 14.1% - 14.7%.
A jubilant Le Pen, whose party beat President Francois Hollande's ruling Socialists into third place, told supporters: "The people have spoken loud and clear... they no longer want to be led by those outside our borders, by EU commissioners and technocrats who are unelected.

"They want to be protected from globalization and take back the reins of their destiny."

Populists parties expect key gains at EU elections
Naturally an big government loving "expert" is interviewed who
puts down Conservatism as simplistic.

Anti-Islam Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders

Italy  -   Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's center-left Democratic Party was holding off a strong challenge from the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement of former comic Beppe Grillo, according to a first exit poll of uncertain reliability.

Denmark  -  Anti-immigration far right People's Party was set to top the poll with an estimated 23 percent.

Hungary  -  The extreme-right Jobbik, widely accused of racism and anti-Semitism, was running second in Hungary with 15 percent.

Netherlands  -  The anti-Islam, Eurosceptic Dutch Freedom Party of Geert Wilders' - which plans to forge an alliance with Le Pen - finished joint second in terms of European Parliament seats behind a pro-European centrist opposition party.

Germany  -  The anti-euro Alternative for Germany (AfD) won parliamentary representation for the first time with an estimated 6.5 percent, the best result so far for a conservative party created only last year.

Greece  -  It was a different story in Greece, epicenter of the euro zone's debt crisis, where the radical left anti-austerity Syriza movement of Alexis Tsipras was set to win with 26.7 percent, pushing governing New Democracy into second place on 22.8 percent.

That reflected popular anger at harsh spending cuts the government has adopted in recent years to meet the terms of its EU/IMF bailout program.

Read more Reuters News.

"Vive la France"
Free elections with many different parties on the ballot for the voters to choose from.  Freedom.  What a radical concept.  Maybe we could try free elections in the United States instead of the nation being run by the same corrupt bastards financed out of Washington D. C.

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