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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Egypt's leader vows to finish off Muslim Brotherhood

Obama No - Putin Yes
  • Obama withdraws military aid from an anti-Islamist Egypt.  In steps Russia to support an anti-Islamist Egypt.
  • Editor's Note  -  U.S. political hacks tell us how bad Russia is while our government funds al Qaeda in Syria.

Egyptian strongman turned presidential candidate Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi vowed in a television interview on Monday to finish off the Muslim Brotherhood if he is elected president as expected in the May 26-27 vote.

“Yes, just like this,” he said in the joint interview on the privately-owned CBC and ONTV stations, according to an English translation published by Al Ahram. “Egyptians reject reconciliation with the Brotherhood.”

In the interview — the clearest sign yet of the former military leader’s intentions for Egypt — Sisi expressed admiration for Gamal Abdel Nasser, Egypt’s first military leader, who also led a crackdown on the Islamist group, which is the ideological godfather of many other extremist movements, including al Qaeda says the Washington Examiner.

"I wish I was like Nasser," Sisi said. "Nasser was not just a portrait on walls for Egyptians but a photo and voice carved in their hearts."

Nasser also established the military regime that has ruled Egypt since 1952 and bears much responsibility for the fragile state of the country's economy and political institutions.

Field Marshal Sisi in Moscow to negotiate a $2 billion arms deal with Russia.
Egypt - Russia Alliance
Egypt completed a $2 billion arms deal with Russia that was financed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  While Comrade Obama ships arms to Islamist terrorists we see Putin supporting Egypt and Syria against Islamists.
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