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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mussolini Update - Off to the European Parliament

Alessandra Mussolini (MEP, Italy)
The granddaughter of Benito wins election
to the European Parliament.

Niece of Sophia Loren and granddaughter of Il Duce, Alessandra Mussolini has had a career as colorful as her ancestry. She has posed topless for Playboy, played a nun in a critically derided film, and played a vocal role in far- and center-right Italian politics since the early 90s.

Now, 10 years after she was first elected an MEP for her (now defunct) Social Alternative list, she is to return to the European parliament – this time for Silvio Berlusconi's beleaguered Forza Italia (FI) party.

Mussolini, 51, has never been short of an opinion. The conservative group in Europe of which she was a member broke up in 2007 after comments she made about crime rates among Romanians provoked a storm of protest – unsurprisingly – among her colleagues in the Greater Romania party.

In 2006, responding to an accusation by a transgender MP candidate that she was a fascist, she declared: "Better fascist than faggot."

Occasionally, however, sharp tongue has won her plaudits from beyond her usual fan base. When, in 2004, Ukip's Godfrey Bloom remarked that "no self-respecting small businessman with a brain … would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age," she reportedly retorted: "I am from Naples and I can say that we women do know how to cook and clean the fridge and even be politicians, while perhaps Godfrey Bloom knows neither how to clean the fridge nor to be a politician."

Mussolini condemned the Vatican's comparison of homosexuality with pedophilia, stating "You can't link sexual orientation to pedophilia … this link risks becoming dangerously misleading for the protection of children."

Via The Guardian

Free Elections - What a Concept
Alessandra Mussolini also serves as elected member of Italy's Chamber of Deputies (see the above chart).  Multiple political parties winning elections.  Real choices on your ballot.  Maybe we should try freedom in America.
All the democratic nations on earth from Italy to Japan, Australia, India, Brazil and Canada have free elections with multiple political parties represented in their legislatures.
Prior to World War II it was common to see an American Congress with members of smaller opposition parties.  But since World War II elections in the United States have turned increasing authoritarian, centralized and controlled by corrupt power brokers out of Washington.
America now stands alone among democratic nations with the same two corrupt parties financed by Washington D.C. Elites winning 100% of all elections to our House of Representatives.
Unless the American people rise up and demand true election reform we are doomed to be ruled over by an Elite Oligarchy of crooks out of Washington.
(Italian Parliament)

The Chamber of Deputies
 The parliamentary system of the Italian Republic and under the previous Kingdom of Italy is a continuation of the traditions and procedures of the Parliament and Chamber of Deputies as established under King Charles Albert, (1798-1849).

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