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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Voter Revolution in Britain - Big Government Socialists on the Run

'You ain't seen nothing yet'
  • Nigel Farage announced UKIP would go after Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband in his Doncaster seat as part of a campaign to win a 'good number' of MPs in 2015.
  • The Big Government-immigrant loving so-called "Conservative" Party comes in 3rd place as UKIP kicks ass.

The Peasant are Revolting.

With their pitchforks in hand, the common people of Britain rose up against their Big Government, endless immigration loving Masters.  They want their nation back.

Britain’s electoral rebellions always came from the center: the Liberals in 1974, the SDP in 1981-87, the Lib Dems in 2005-2010. What we’ve never had in this country is a Right-wing, non-Tory party driving the dissent.

And, even more importantly, there has never been a Right-wing party that could command both disaffected Conservative and Labour supporters. Yet, Ukip’s result is not only impressive but also national – eating away into the working-class heartlands of the North as well as the suburbs of the South.

For the first time in its history, Britain has a serious, populist, small-c conservative alternative to the mainstream parties.

UKIP Party Election Broadcast

Scotland's new gay UKIP MEP

Gay Scottish UKIP MEP
Newly elected UKIP MEP favors union with the UK
and the decriminalization of drugs.  

UKIP has won its first Scottish seat in the European election, it has been confirmed, while the SNP took the largest share of the vote... UKIP - which won 27% of the votes in England - picked up 10.4% north of the border, enough to send lead candidate Mr Coburn to the European Parliament. 
Mr [David] Coburn told BBC Radio Scotland that UKIP had "done extremely well in Scotland" and was "certainly not a party of protest". 
He added: "We are basically going to give something different. It is not going to be the same arguments you get from all the tired old parties. 
He said politics was now divided into libertarians and authoritarians.  He was a libertarian. 
That included treating the issue of drugs as a health matter, rather than a judicial one. 
Criminalizing drug use, he said, had simply driven up the profits of pushers.

Via Libertarian Republican
Also see Daily Mail

Warning to American Readers
American readers, please do not be frightened by the chart below showing many different political parties.  This is something that the rest of the world calls a free election.  Free elections have not existed in the U.S. for multiple generations.
The United States stands almost alone in the world where the same two corrupt Washington D.C. funded parties magically win 100% of all elections to our House of Representatives.  Other nations where the same parties win 100% of the elections are North Korea and China.
Unless the American people rise up and demand real election reform we are doomed to be ruled over by a corrupt, centralized and criminal oligarchy.

Summary of the 2014 European Parliament election
(United Kingdom excluding Northern Ireland)[6]
PartyEuro PartyEuro GroupVotesSeats
UK Independence PartyNoneEFD4,352,05127.49%Increase10.99%24Increase1134.29%
Labour PartyPESS&D4,020,64625.40%Increase9.67%20Increase728.57%
Conservative PartyAECRECR3,788,40523.93%Decrease3.80%19Decrease627.14%
Green Party of England and WalesEGPGEFL1,136,6707.18%Decrease0.90%3Increase14.29%
Scottish National PartyEFLGEFL389,5032.46%Increase0.34%2-2.86%
Liberal DemocratsALDEALDE1,087,6336.87%Decrease6.87%1Decrease101.43%
Plaid CymruEFLGEFL111,8640.71%Decrease0.13%1-1.43%
An Independence from EuropeNoneNone235,1241.49%New0New0.00%
British National PartyNoneNone179,6941.14%Decrease5.10%0Decrease20.00%
English DemocratsNoneNone126,0240.80%Decrease1.05%0-0.00%
Scottish Green PartyEGPGEFL108,3050.68%Increase0.15%0-0.00%
Christian Peoples AllianceNoneNone50,2220.32%Decrease1.33%0-0.00%
4 Freedoms Party (UK EPP)NoneNone28,0140.18%New0New0.00%
We Demand a Referendum NowNoneNone23,4260.15%New0New0.00%
National Health Action PartyNoneNone23,2530.15%New0New0.00%
Animal Welfare PartyNoneNone21,0920.13%Increase0.05%0-0.00%
Britain FirstNoneNone20,2720.13%New0New0.00%
Yorkshire FirstNoneNone19,0170.12%New0New0.00%
Europeans PartyNoneNone10,7120.07%New0New0.00%
Peace PartyNoneNone10,1300.06%-0-0.00%
Valid Votes15,828,825100.00%70Increase1100.00%
Rejected Votes80,8440.51%
Total Polled15,909,669
Verified Votes34.19%
Registered Electors


Seats in the new European Parliament by party.
Truly free elections with many real parties on the ballot.  Maybe we should try freedom in the United States.

See more at European Parliament election, 2014 (United_Kingdom)

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