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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mexico to register guns of Militias & close them down

Over the last year, militia groups, known as fuerzas autodefensas 
have sprung up all over Mexico, particularly in the southwestern state
of Michoacan, an area plagued by the Knights Templar cartel.

Gun Registration
  • The corrupt Mexican government did nothing to protect the people from Drug Cartel killers.  So the people formed Militias to protect their families and drive out the Cartels.
  • The response of the government to the success of the Militias is to register their guns and close them down.  Governments around the world want the people to act like helpless sheep.

(Apatzingan, Mexico)  -  Mexico's government plans to begin demobilizing a vigilante movement of assault rifle-wielding ranchers and farmers that formed in the western state of Michoacan and succeeded in largely expelling the Knights Templar cartel when state and local authorities couldn't.
The ceremony in the town of Tepalcatepec, where the movement began in February 2013, will involve the registration of thousands of guns by the federal government and an agreement that the so-called "self-defense" groups will either join a new official rural police force or return to their normal lives and acts as voluntary reserves when called on.

The government will go town by town to organize and recruit the new rural forces.

"This is a process of giving legal standing to the self-defense forces," said vigilante leader Estanislao Beltran.

But tension remained on Friday in the coastal part of the state outside the port of Lazaro Cardenas, where other "self-defense" groups plan to continue as they are, defending their territory without registering their arms. Vigilantes against the demobilization have set up roadblocks in the coastal town of Caleta.

"We don't want them to come, we don't recognize them," vigilante Melquir Sauceda said of the government and the new rural police forces. "Here we can maintain our own security. We don't need anyone bringing it from outside."

"This (demobilization) agreement is just something to please the government," said Rene Sanchez, 22, a vigilante from the self-defense stronghold of Buenavista. "With them or without them, we are going to keep at it."

Mexican Militia vs the Cartels
The people act to protect themselves because the "police" are in bed with the Cartels.

Mexican Vigilantes Stand Up Against Crime
The state of Guerrero (which means "warrior") is one of the poorest in Mexico and the site of some of the worst violence in the battle between the drug cartels and Mexican authorities. As a result of the violence, hundreds of civilians have armed themselves with machetes, rifles, and shotguns, put masks on, and decided to police their own communities, effectively taking justice into their own hands.

Self-defence forces gather near Buenavista in Michoacan, Mexico, part
of a growing movement of militias taking on the drug cartels.
Photograph: ZUMA/REX
The Guardian.com

Members of the citizens' Self-Protection Police arrive at the Nueva Italia community in Michoacan State, Mexico.  Armed vigilantes seized a cartel stronghold in the after a gun battle with suspected members of the notorious "Knights Templar" criminal organization. 
Mexican vigilantes force drugs cartel out of town

State of Michoacán

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