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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Obama: 'Without amnesty illegals might leave'

Immigration reform might not pass Congress if Democrats can’t hold their ground in the midterm elections this fall, President Obama told a Democratic fundraiser Thursday night in Chicago.

“Think about what’s at stake right now. Think about it. If we do not hang on to the Senate and make gains in the House we may not get immigration reform done, which means we could have another three, four years in which we’re being deprived of talent we’re training here in the United Statesthey go back home and start businesses someplace else,” Obama said.

The president’s comments suggest that the White House does not believe House Republicans plan to move on reform legislation before the November elections, throwing cold water on hopes that reform might come after lawmakers conclude primary season reports The Hill.

In his remarks, Obama complained that Republicans “so far, at least, have refused to budge on bipartisan legislation to fix our immigration system.”

Obama said that opposition came “despite the fact that every economist who’s looked at it says it’s going to improve our economy, cut our deficits, help spawn entrepreneurship, and alleviate great pain from millions of families all across the country.”

Don't Worry
In the end, both parties will sell out American citizens, whore themselves to the big corporations and import millions of new workers to drive down wages.  

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