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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sex change drugs 'to be offered to nine-year-olds'

Idiot Alert!
  • Nine-year-old kids are still thinking about lollipops and playing on the swings.  But the Socialists in Britain's National Heath Service want to drug kids to delay the onset of puberty. 

Socialist Child Abuse  -  British children as young as nine are to be prescribed drugs which delay the onset of puberty as the first step towards a sex change operation, according to reports.

The treatment will be offered by one NHS trust to children who are so troubled by their gender that they may wish to undergo drastic surgery after adolescence, according to the Mail on Sunday.

But the decision was attacked by critics who described the decision to offer the treatment at such a young age as “horrifying” and called for an immediate investigation reports the UK Telegraph.
Monthly injections of the drugs, known as hypothalamic blockers, are used to slow the development of the children’s sexual organs by blocking the production of the hormones testosterone and oestrogen.
In boys this prevents the voice from lowering and the development of facial hair, while in girls it stops the menstrual cycle and breast development, in each case making any future sex change operation simpler.

Doctors at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust said a trial of the treatment on “gender dysphoria” patients aged 12 to 14 had been successful and it could now be offered even earlier.

Dr Polly Carmichael, who led the trial, said future treatment would be offered based on “stage not age”, meaning it could be offered to younger children than those who took part in the trial.

“We’re talking about stopping puberty in the normal range of puberty, so I guess the younger age might be nine or ten,” she said.

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