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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cliven Bundy leaves GOP, joins the Independent American Party

Good-Bye Republican Party
  • Can you blame Bundy?  As the ultra-corrupt Harry Reid and his Communist Chinese loving bastard son were raping a rancher on live TV, you saw "small government" GOP hack politicians run for the hills and dig deep caves to hide in.
  • If Republicans can't crawl out from under their rocks to defend property rights and freedom then just what the Hell are they good for?

With the Republican embrace of Cliven Bundy tepid to non-existent, the Nevada rancher has decided to switch his allegiances.

According to the Associated Press, Bundy officially left the Republican Party last Friday, when both he and his wife registered as voters with the conservative Independent American Party. The switch took place at an event held by his new political group, which was organized to honor “his courage in standing up for state sovereignty.”

Asked why he was changing parties, the Elko Daily quoted Bundy saying, “Well, I haven’t got much good out of the Democrats and Republicans so I decided to try a new one.”

Bundy has been involved in a growing dispute with the federal government over land rights. The Bureau of Land Management claims it’s been over 20 years since the rancher paid the fees associated with allowing his cattle to graze on public land, meaning he’s amassed an overdue bill of roughly $1 million.

Bundy, however, does not recognize federal authority over public land, and argues that he doesn’t owe the government anything for using what his family had operated on since the late 1800s.

Via RT News.

See more at Independent Party of Nevada

Random Observation
The BLM looks more like domestic terrorists
than an old Nevada rancher.

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