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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Putin Backed al-Sisi to run for Egypt Presidency

People walk past a banner for Egypt's Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in downtown Cairo.
Photograph: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/REUTERS

Coming Soon - A Russian Base in Egypt
Our boy Vladimir Putin is on the move again backing the
Egyptian military against Islamist terrorism.  

Egypt's army chief Abdel Fatah al-Sisi resigned from the military on Wednesday night, paving the way for a long-awaited presidential campaign and a return to strongman leadership for Egypt.

"I am here before you humbly stating my intention to run for the presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt," Sisi said in a televised statement, still dressed in military fatigues. "Only your support will grant me this great honor."

Putin backs Sisi while Obama arms
Islamist terrorists.
Sisi had been spoken of as a potential head of state after he removed ex-president Mohamed Morsi last July, following days of mass protests against Morsi's Islamist-slanted government.

But while his candidacy has been an open secret for months, Sisi himself had given few definitive signals of his intentions reports The Guardian.

That finally changed on Wednesday night – three years and two months after the fall of Egypt's last ex-military strongman, Hosni Mubarak – as Egypt's military council, known as Scaf, convened to allow Sisi to resign. Minutes afterwards, shortly before 9:30pm local time, state television broadcast a 13-minute statement recorded earlier in the afternoon.

"If I am granted the honor of the leadership," Sisi said, "I promise that we together – leadership and people – can achieve stability, safety and hope for Egypt."

In speech that contained few surprises, the outgoing field marshal warned Egyptians that the country faced a host of economic and political challenges, and asked them for their patience and help in rebuilding the state. He focused on strengthening state institutions and increasing stability – mentioning democracy just once, and with no mention of human rights.

Sisi is widely expected to win any presidential election by a landslide, as many see him as the only candidate with the authority to control a country wracked by three years of post-revolutionary turmoil. He has a large and often sycophantic following, ranging from wealthy businessmen – who have paid for his face to be displayed on vast hoardings across Cairo – to working-class shopkeepers, who place his photograph in shop windows.

To many, Sisi represents a bulwark against Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, who are instinctively blamed for any outburst of violence.

Field Marshal Sisi in Moscow to negotiate a $2 billion arms deal with Russia.
Egypt - Russia Alliance
Egypt completed a $2 billion arms deal with Russia that was financed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  While Comrade Obama ships arms to Islamist terrorists we see Putin supporting Egypt and Syria against Islamists.
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A Russian Navy Base in Egypt?

"Shore leave in Egypt sounds good sir."

The Russian Navy - Coming soon to Egypt?

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