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Monday, August 13, 2012

Spain: €3 fee when students bring their own lunch

Big Government Insanity  -  Spain may charge students €3 to use the school cafeteria when they bring their lunch from home
  • Massive protests as the public teat starts to dry up.

As the economic crisis in Spain deepens, several regions are considering charging students who bring lunch from home up to €3 to use the school cafeteria, the latest in a series of reforms that critics claim are hurting the most vulnerable.               
There are no savings too small to count as Spain struggles to make its way out of economic crisis. Looking to reduce spending wherever it can, schools – and by extension, students – have become the latest target of drastic cost-cutting measures reports France 24 News.

With the start of the academic year just around the corner, many regions in Spain are considering charging even those students who bring lunch from home to use space in the school cafeteria.

Spanish protest spending cuts
Spanish police have fired rubber bullets and charged protesters in central Madrid after a huge demonstration against economic crisis measures.

It is not the first time Spanish authorities have gone to surprising lengths to rein in spending. Earlier this year, the Catalonia region’s ministry of education introduced a toilet paper quota in state schools.

Apparently, extravagant toilet paper use was costing enough that the government decided to clamp down. And so a rule was introduced limiting students to 25 metres (82 feet) of toilet paper per month.
However, asking students to rent space in school lunchrooms goes a step beyond simply rationing resources.

Authorities in Catalonia have already announced plans to charge students as much as €3 per day for the right to eat with friends in the school cafeteria, despite the fact that those bringing lunch from home are often those who already cannot afford to pay for school lunches. Education officials in the regions of Valencia and Madrid have said they will put similar programmes in place.
Madrid’s regional ministry of education has also announced plans to slash food subsidies to families in need from €29 million to €16 million.
(France 24 News)

The teat of Big Government is finally starting to run dry

With the Communist flag front and center Spanish
protest against spending cuts.

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