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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

RIP - A Great American was Murdered

A Real American
Satwant Singh Kaleka murdered by Nazi scum.

"Can we all get along?"
- - - - Rodney King

How strange is it that Rodney King became perhaps the great philosopher of all time.

In but a single sentence King summarized the eternal horror of mankind:  hate, violence and murder.

Now we have Nazi scum murdering hard working and loyal great Americans in their Wisconsin places of worship.

Satwant Singh Kaleka was a deeply religious native of India who came to the U.S. as an impoverished immigrant and made his way up buying gas stations.

Kaleka was only armed with a butter knife when he died standing his ground defending his family, friends and religion.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Amardeep S. Kaleka, 34, of Los Angeles said his father had always believed strongly that America was going to be a place of new opportunities for him, his wife and his two boys when he arrived from India's Punjab region and settled in northern Milwaukee in the early 1980s.

He got a job working at a family member's gas station, Kaleka said. "He started working a third shift for an uncle and worked his butt off, 16, 18 hours a day. Then he went on to rent one, and then to own one, and at the end, he owned something like eight gas stations.… All with hard work. No tricks. Hard work."

Kaleka chastised his sons when they complained about discrimination or ill treatment, Amardeep Kaleka said. "He put the largest American flag right on the front lawn, and if you go there, you'll see the flag there. It looks like it was stolen from an elementary school standing there, it's so big," he said.

"We came home and we said, 'It's an eyesore; this thing is going to make us look foolish here.' And he said, 'You're an American now. You push the American dream. Study and knowledge and education, that's what's going to lead us forward.' "

Kaleka said his father used much of his earnings from the gas stations to help build the new Sikh temple, which opened in July 2007, not only with the help of his savings, but the pledges of 24 other community members who put up their houses as collateral for the loan on the property. The elder Kaleka became the president of the temple.    (Los Angeles Times)

The Sikhs  -  Great Americans one and all.
The Sikhs come here to work hard and open businesses while countless millions of native born Americans are looking for free handouts.


Anonymous said...

Satwant Singh Kaleka was born on June 2, 1947 in Dugal Kaleki, Punjab, India. He is a hero and a legend!

Gary said...

It is a great loss to his family and our nation.