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power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bush says we need tax increases

"Dad, I want to screw the voters with more new
taxes just like you did."

At last, a political ad that finally tells the truth!
At least Willie tells the truth.

Raising taxes  -  It's a family tradition
  • Republican Jeb Bush says it is a mark of "leadership" to raise taxes.
  • Well, fuck the Bush family . . . . no new taxes.  Period.

Former Republican Florida Governor Jeb Bush told the Tampa Bay Times in an interview published today that he thought both parties should embrace the Simpson-Bowles committee’s budget reform proposals.

He said GOP leaders should consider is even though that might mean a tax increase as part of any deficit reduction deal.  Bush calls tax increases "reform".

Tampa Bay Times:   Would you have embraced Simpson-Bowles?

Bush:   To save the country’s fiscal future? I would.

Tampa Bay Times:   Even though it has tax increases?

Bush:   That’s the part of leadership. … Our biggest problem is spending, by far. But in order to get 60 votes for entitlement reform and tax reform to revitalize our economy and create hope for people? That’s what leaders are supposed to do.

Leadership?????   -   The Bush family is amazing.  To a Bush it is "leadership" to compromise with Socialists and hand over your hard earned money to fund the Welfare State.

Pussy Republicans like Bush are always using the stupid 60 vote rule in the Senate as an excuse to cave in to Socialism or as an excuse to do nothing.  The Democrats on the other hand said screw the rule and passed Obamacare.

It is far past time that Republicans grew a set and started passing legislation with 51 votes.  A majority is democracy.  The phony 60 vote "rule" is nowhere in the Constitution.
(Washington Examiner)

Read my lips: no new taxes.  Lies on top of lies.

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