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Thursday, August 23, 2012

TSA Agents at Paul Ryan Rally

TSA Agents provided "security" for Paul Ryan.

A Federalized Police Force 
  • In violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights the TSA is becoming a local police force.
  • TSA agents provided "security" at a purely local GOP rally in Florida.
  • And not one word from the "small government" Republicans about the growth of a Federalized Police State. 

POLICE  STATE  -  For some time there have been stories that the TSA is systematically moving beyond the nation’s airports and conducting operations on the streets of America.

The latest example of this kind of activity occurred at an event organized by Mitt Romney’s GOP running mate Paul Ryan this past weekend in The Villages, Florida.

REPORT - Upon arriving at Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s first Florida stop in The Villages, Florida, we could help but notice that alongside Secret Service and the local Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, were members of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checking people’s belongings. A big WTF is in order here.

We heard that the TSA was going to expand its ummm, ‘reach,’ but to assist in political campaigns is quite the jump in broadening their ‘transportation security horizons.’

I counted no less than (6) TSA agents alongside the usual uniformed Secret Service detail-not to be confused with the ‘Men In Black’ looking agents.    From the Shark Tank Blog.

TSA launches groping at high school proms, other public places

Story after story comes in about the gradual expansion of an illegal and unconstitutional Federalized Police Force.

For example, the temporary use of regular police to pat-down students a school in Santa Fe drew further attention to the order of a federal judge that TSA screeners must be present at key school functions. The school, already using a checkpoint, now must use TSA after a lawsuit was filed against other security personnel at the school who allegedly groped the bare legs of two sisters.

This disgusting development is only one phase of the strategic “soft-target” security roll-out by TSA and Homeland Security, who tell us that bus and train stations, as well as sports stadiums, shopping malls, hotels and religious centers must now be monitored by TSA-like security checkpoints.

Government use fear to make you willingly give up your Constitutional rights. 
See our article THE FEDERALIST - "Honey Bees kill more Americans than terrorism."

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