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Monday, August 27, 2012

Florida - The Mega Swing State

From my view, Florida looks much nicer than Wisconsin. 

Forget Ohio, no Republican nominee has won the White House without carrying Florida since Calvin Coolidge
  • And knowing this Mitt Romney deliberately selected a running mate from Wisconsin, a state that voted Democrat in the last six Presidential elections.

Once again, Florida is turning out to be a make or break state in the 2012 election. Both Comrade Obama and Republican Mitt Romney are focusing their campaigns on winning over the Sunshine State's diverse group of voters.

The country's biggest swing state has grown in size and importance since Comrade Obama won its 27 electoral votes in 2008. The state's increased population bumped its electoral prize up to 29 votes this November. That's more than one tenth of the total number needed to win the White House.

Dick Morris  -  Democratic Registration Craters!

"The Republican nominee has not won the White House without carrying Florida since Calvin Coolidge," Daniel Smith, a political scientist at the University of Florida, told the Orlando Sentinel. "So I would say Florida is pretty important for Republicans in November."

Two of the state's biggest demographics, Hispanics and seniors, could hold the key to the White House. Florida's seniors represent about 17 percent of the state's 18.8 million residents, reports the San Francisco Gate.

The 'senior spotlight' is going to be even stronger after the vice presidential selection of Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. Many seniors count Medicare as one of their top issues and Ryan is the author of a controversial House budget proposal to overhaul Medicare and Social Security.

Florida Presidential elections results
200848.22% 4,045,62450.96% 4,282,074
200452.10% 3,964,52247.09% 3,583,544
200048.85% 2,912,79048.84% 2,912,253
199642.32% 2,244,53648.02% 2,546,870
199240.89% 2,173,31039.00% 2,072,698
198860.87% 2,618,88538.51% 1,656,701
198465.32% 2,730,35034.66% 1,448,816
198055.52% 2,046,95138.50% 1,419,475
197646.64% 1,469,53151.93% 1,636,000
197271.91% 1,857,75927.80% 718,117
196840.53% 886,80430.93% 676,794
196448.85% 905,94151.15% 948,540
196051.51% 795,47648.49% 748,700

Racial makeup

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, Florida had a population of 18,801,310. In terms of race and ethnicity, the state was:
  • 75.0% White (57.9% Non-Hispanic White alone)
  • 16.0% Black or African American
  • 0.4% American Indian and Alaska Native
  • 2.4% Asian
  • 0.1% Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander
  • 3.6% from Some Other Race
  • 2.5% from Two or More Races
  • Hispanics and Latinos of any race made up 22.5% of the population

2010 Florida Gubernatorial race
  • The race for governor shows how close the parties are split in Florida.

General Election Results
RepublicanRick Scott & Jennifer Carroll2,619,33548.87%
DemocraticAlex Sink & Rod Smith2,557,78547.72%
IndependencePeter Allen & John E Zanni123,8312.31%
No partyMichael E. Arth & Al Krulick18,6440.35%
No partyFarid Khavari & Darcy G. Richardson7,4870.14%
No partyC. C. Reed & Larry Waldo, Sr.18,8420.35%
No partyDaniel Imperato & Karl C.C. Behm13,6900.26%
No partyJosue Larose & Valencia St Louis (write-in)1210.00%
Republican hold


Florida! . . . . Florida! . . . . Florida! . . . . Florida!

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