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Friday, August 10, 2012

Let the poor eat pigeon

It's a lean meat  -  Low-income children should be fed pigeon meat
  • Think of the children!  They need affordable protein.
  • And it's good for the environment too.
  • We need to bring this program to the US.  Pigeon, not food stamps.

(Argentina)  -  Oscar De Allende, an official at the local environment ministry responsible for wildlife, was suspended over his "controversial statements on pigeon consumption," Cordoba Governor Jose Manuel de la Sota said in a statement.
Earlier this week De Allende proposed that Paicor, a government program for distributing food and clothing to poor students, serve pigeon meat at public schools reports the UK Telegraph.
"We estimate we have 600 million (pigeons) in Cordoba," De Allende told a local radio station.

"Let's consider that pigeons are an abundant resource, not a pest. We are working with the people of Paicor to start a project" that will turn pigeons into food.

Cordoba's Cabinet Chief Oscar Gonzalez called the initiative "nonsense" and insisted there are no plans for such a program.   At least there are no current plans since the news hit the press.    (UK Telegraph)

Pigeon  -  Just like Mom used to make.

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