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Friday, August 24, 2012

TNT - America's Newest TV Network

"The Closer"  -  The #3 show in last week's Nielsen Ratings.

A Free Market in TV entertainment has created a mountain of choices for viewers
  • The TNT channel has become the newest major network with original programming.

By Gary;

I know I am dating myself, but here it goes.

In the olden days of the last century most people only had three TV channels to choose from.  The Big Three Networks of CBS, NBC and ABC had an effective monopoly on entertainment and viewers had to take what the networks gave them.

Well those days are long gone.

Last week's Nielsen Ratings had the TNT Channel score 3 hit shows in the top 20 programs.

#3    -    The Closer    (TNT)

#8    -    Major Crimes    (TNT)

#14  -    Rizzoli and Isles    (TNT)

Now that there is a real free market in entertainment the so-called major networks are bleeding viewers.

True Blood  -  Season 5

The bleeding of network viewers continues down the ratings list.

#28    -    True Blood    (HBO)

#30    -    Pawn Stars    (History Channel)

#40    -    American Pickers    (History Channel)

#43    -    Shake it up    (Disney)

#46    -    Abismo de Pasion    (Univision)

#47    -    Burn Notice    (USA)

#49    -    World Wrestling Entertainment    (USA)

I admit it.  Except for Survivor and The Amazing Race, most of the programs I watch are from the smaller networks from the Food Channel to TNT to American Movie Classics.  So many of the products of the old time major networks are being left in the dust to the new upstart channels.

This free market of entertainment is brought to you by something called capitalism.

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