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Friday, August 3, 2012

Communist police beat protesters in China

Pollution protests in China
A local resident squats on a destroyed car after demonstrators occupied the local government building during a protest against an industrial waste pipeline under construction in Qidong, Jiangsu Province

Internet Freedom  -  Chinese internet Bloggers spread the word against massive Communist approved pollution in China 
  • Raw sewage discharges were set to climb to 150,000 tons a day.
  • 50,000 to 100,000 protesters were in the streets. 
  • Communists block Internet searches for the protests.
  • For the rest of the world, it is "business as usual" with the Communist dictatorship.

The protesters overturned two cars and invaded the local government offices in the coastal city of Qidong, near Shanghai.

Demonstrators seized bottles of liquor and wine from the offices along with cartons of cigarettes, items which Chinese officials frequently receive as bribes reports the UK Telegraph.
A photograph posted on Sina Weibo, the main Chinese microblogging service, showed some of the items displayed outside the government building.
Thousands of people had gathered in a square in front of the local government offices and in adjacent streets, with armed police arriving at the scene at 9.00 am.
Following the clashes, the local police said in their microblog that the paper mill, which belongs to Japanese company Oji Paper, would be "permanently closed" and called on the demonstrators to go home.

Police Gang Beating Peaceful Pollution Protesters in Qidong, China 

Protests against environmental degradation have increased in China, where three decades of rapid and unfettered industrial expansion have taken their toll.

The sewage pipe from the paper mill discharges into the sea in the port of Lusi, one of four fishing harbours in Qidong, one protester, who for safety reasons only gave her name as Qin, told AFP.

Discharges were set to climb to 150,000 tonnes of sewage a day when the mill was fully operational, according to residents quoted Friday by the state-run Global Times newspaper. Construction on the mill started in 2007.

Qin said there were 50,000 demonstrators, while a microblogger using the name Qidong Longhuisheng estimated numbers at 100,000.

"There are people everywhere, on walls, cars, rooftops, in streets," said another microblog user writing under the name Jiaojiaotaotailang, adding that "the air is filled with the smell of alcohol, and there are sounds of breaking glass".

Searches including "Qidong" were blocked on Sina Weibo, which has more than 250 million subscribers.

(RT News)

Qidong Paper Mill Waste Threatens Shanghai

A group of protesters overturn a car near the local government office compound in the coastal city of Qidong, near Shanghai

Demonstrators destroyed offices at the local government building

Protesters gathered on rooftops to shout slogans.

Qidong protesters claimed they were numbered in the tens of thousands.

A police car lies overturned as protesters occupy a government building during a protest against an industrial waste pipeline under construction in Qidong.

Protesters shouted slogans and held placards outside the local government offices.


Anonymous said...

"Demonstrators destroyed offices at the local government building." I love seeing articles about people rising in opposition to tyranny of, and by the state. Once people in our own country realize they've been had by a decades old battle of the religious right, and neocons, vs communists, and crewcuts vs longhairs, maybe, just maybe rational, moderate folks from the center who have been encapsulated by extremists will finally rise, and demand balance, and sanity be restored to our once great, and free country. And by moderate, and center, I do not mean political moderates, and centrists per se. I mean the rest of us who have been under fire from the radical fringe culture wars for most of our lives. Crewcuts, and longhairs indeed! Who in hell thinks like this these days? The loud mouth, minority noise machine from the edges of society, who lives in the past, that's who!

Gary said...

The Chinese are having mini-rebellions all over but they are limited to local land or pollution issues.