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Saturday, August 11, 2012

SHOCK - Police are checking your tampons

Police State  -  Cops strip search a mom at the side of the road in front of her children
  • Her "crime" was rolling through a stop sign.
  • An officer "forcibly removed" her tampon during the strip search.

Getting pulled over for rolling through a stop sign is pure Bullshit.

But getting pulled over, having a gun pointed in your face, and then being strip searched on the side of the road in front of your two children for rolling through a stop sign is not only insane, but an excessive use of force. 

At least. that's what a new lawsuit in Florida is claiming.
"Let's just probe a little deeper
for that tampon."

Last July, Leila Tarantino claims that she was pulled over by an officer with the Citrus County Sheriff's Department. In the suit, Tarantino says she came to a full stop and should have never been pulled over in the first place.

A passing cop pulled a u-turn, flashed the lights, and rolled up behind her. Tarantino claims that the cop immediately drew his weapon, pulled her from the car, and refused to explain why he pulled her over. Tarantino's two young children watched all of this unfold from inside her car.

The cop then placed Tarantino in the back of the squad car, where she allegedly sat for two hours. When backup arrived, Tarantino was strip searched on the side of the road, where passing motorists could see everything.

Then, in a gruesome twist, a female officer "forcibly removed" a tampon from Tarantino. Presumably, the cops were looking for drugs, but the lawsuit notes that a drug-sniffing dog was never called in, and cops never found any contraband or anything illegal.
(Broward Palm Beach.com)

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