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Monday, August 6, 2012

Food Police - Hand over the tuna and no one gets hurt

The Food Nazis attack a Maryland deli for daring to serve tuna packed in non-government approved oil
  • The lunatics have taken over the asylum. 
  • The great American nation is no more.

It was right there on the label of the white tuna salad, an outlawed ingredient flaunted for anyone to see:  “partially hydrogenated soybean oil.”

A government stooge "customer" filed a formal complaint with the Food Police authorities reports the Washington Post. An investigation was launched. A Montgomery County, Maryland health inspector arrived on the scene, a deli in Potomac. He reviewed the evidence and handed down his verdict: the business was daring to serve food that Big Brother did not approve of.

“Wrote them up for a labeling violation and made them aware that Montgomery County is a Trans Fat Free county,” he later wrote in his report.

This time the deli would get off with a warning.  But the Food Nazis will keep coming back and back until all bow to the will of the State.

The banning of trans fat was among a series of controversial county laws passed in recent years, creating vigorous fights over the reach and role of government and testing the boundaries between personal liberties and those who want to tell you how to live your life.

Liberty lost the battle.  Welcome to the Big Brother Nanny State.
(Washington Post)

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