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Monday, August 13, 2012

Afghanistan - The assassinations go on and on

Afghans look at the wreckage of a vehicle after a roadside explosion on the outskirts of Laghman province east of Kabul, Afghanistan. A provincial spokesman says a roadside bomb has killed a district chief in eastern Afghanistan and three of his bodyguards.   (bellinghamherald.com)

Read more here: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/2012/08/12/2645251/roadside-bomb-kills-afghan-official.html#storylink=rss#storylink=cpy

Two Afghan policemen have shot dead a senior commander and eight other officers
  • The Taliban is targeting the leadership of the Afghans and NATO.
  • The so-called "best and brightest" American leaders were always fucking delusional in thinking that an Afghan "Jeffersonian Democracy" would spring full grown from the Hindu Kush Mountains.

Two Afghan policemen have shot dead a senior commander and eight other officers, the latest in a string of attacks by rogue security forces that are poisoning efforts to build up the police and army as foreign troops head home.

The attack in south-western Nimruz province near the Iranian border on Saturday was the fifth in less than a week to involve men in uniform turning on their comrades or foreign trainers reports UK Guardian.

The attackers were local men who had only signed up for the police three months ago, said Shakila Hakimi, head of the Nimruz provincial council. In an added twist, the pair targeted the man who had vouched for their trustworthiness, the provincial head of criminal investigations, Abdul Hadi Azizi, said.

Top Afghan Negotiator Gunned Down

The men opened fire in the yard of the district police chief's office, killing the commander and eight others, and wounding another man before they were themselves shot

  • Three US Marine Corps special operations troops were shot dead early on Friday in Sangin district, a northern corner of the province that has seen heavy fighting. The killers were an Afghan police commander and some of his men, who had invited the US officers to join them for a meal and to discuss security.

  • In the evening, an Afghan policeman shot dead a further three US soldiers as they exercised on a joint base about 40 miles south-west of the provincial capital.

  • On Tuesday, two Afghan soldiers killed a US soldier and injured two others in eastern Paktia province, and on Thursday two other Afghan soldiers opened fire on a group outside another base in the east, although the only person killed was one of the gunmen.

So far this year 37 foreign soldiers and military contractors have been killed in 27 such attacks.

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