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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Woman escapes husband by biting his scrotum

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Stupid people breed in great numbers

GREENWOOD, Ind. (Fox 59)  –  A Greenwood man was arrested after an altercation with his wife that ended when she bit his scrotum.
Police were called to a home last Saturday in the 2000 block of Blossom Drive on a report of domestic battery. When officers arrived, the husband, Dan Deaton, was leaving the scene and failed to stop  at a stop sign. An officer pulled him over and asked where he was headed, and Deaton said he was going to the police station to report battery.

Deaton told the officer his wife started an argument with him and would not leave him alone even though he asked her to leave.
Deaton said he turned the mattress over on her and sat on her to try to calm her down, but she but turned around and bit his scrotum.
Deaton said he was leaving the residence to get away from her and come back with a cool head tomorrow.
Police spoke with Deaton’s wife and she said the argument was about his loyalty in the relationship. She said Deaton shoved her and threw her down the stairs.
She said Deaton then mounted her chest, sitting on her and putting his hands over her face to stop her from breathing. She said she was able to get free by biting his scrotum.
Deaton was arrested and charged with domestic battery.
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