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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wizard beheaded by ISIS thugs

(The Sun)  -  THIS is the shocking moment an elderly man is sentenced to death and executed by ISIS – for being a ‘wizard’.
In the terror group’s latest sick atrocity – photographed for their propaganda – a pale, ginger fanatic can be seen reading out trumped up charges.
Reading from a sheet of paper, the pasty militant accuses the pensioner of being a “sorcerer” and a “practitioner of magic”, the Daily Mail reports.
Standing in front of a mob of masked men, he condemns the old man to a brutal death.

A second photo shows the blindfolded prisoner bent over a chopping block with two other militants holding him down, while a third wields a blade high over his head.
The ginger commander – one of the only fighters not masked – can be seen watching on in the background.
As is so often the case with atrocities carried out by ISIS, the killing is done in front of a crowd in the local town square.
A third photo, too gruesome to publish, shows the victim’s decapitated body with his head on his torso.
According to Terror Monitor, the bloody spectacle occurred in the Damascus suburb of Yarmouk in Syria.
It is believed to have been carried out by the ISIS-affiliated Khalid ibn Al-Walid Army.
The group was formed when several radical groups merged in May and now controls a strip of territory south of the Syrian capital.
The group is named after Khalid ibn al-Walid, who led the Muslim armies in the Battle of Yarmouk in the year 636, inflicting a heavy defeat on the Christian army.
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A ginger jihadi reads out charges of ‘sorcery’ and condemns an old man to die.

The pensioner is then held down has beheaded in front of a baying crowd in Syria.

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