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Monday, December 5, 2016

Free Staters may have cost GOP Senate Seat in New Hampshire

Bye Bye Kelly
  • John McCain worshiping Kelly Ayotte also rejected The Donald only to be rejected in turn by voters.
  • The 17,000 votes cast for Free State Project Chair Aaron Day may have cost the GOP a Senate seat.
  • I can't stand open borders Democrat/Marxists, but when the alternative "choice" is open borders, big government loving, warmonger Republicans it is not much of a choice.

(Reason.com)  -  Aaron Day, a former chair of both New Hampshire's Free State Project and the New Hampshire branch of the Republican Liberty Caucus, never much liked his state's Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte.

He liked her so little he got on the ballot as an independent in her race this year. And she lost. (Democrat Maggie Hassan won.)

But did Day really beat her?

"Beating Ayotte was my goal," Day says, in a phone interview this week. "I appeared in Breitbart article in November of last year in which I threatened to get in [the race] over Medicaid expansion" which Ayotte supported.

"If the New Hampshire GOP isn't for getting rid of Obamacare in its various forms, we have no Party," he says. (Day says that, with his independent run done and no further plans for any running for office himself, he's a Republican again.)

Given that he earned 17,742 votes and Ayotte lost by just over 1,000, Day thinks he was the secret ingredient that brought her down.

"This was one of the most expensive state races in the country," Day says, with $30 million spent by the campaigns themselves, and a reported $100 million total. 

"The question is, why did I get 17 thousand votes, given that I didn't spend any money, had no campaign website, didn't go to debates, didn't give speeches, and didn't have yard signs?" Day says. "How did I get five thousand more votes than the Libertarian? It's because the hardcore Republicans and the liberty community and the Free Staters see my name on the ballot and know who I am."

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