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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Los Angeles to fund lawyers for illegal aliens

A Test for the Open Borders GOP

  • For decades the GOP has given us bullshit and lies about protecting the border. If the GOP controlled Congress does not cut Federal funds to sanctuary cities and states the party is worthless.
  • For my part Democrats who help law breaking illegals should be charged with aiding and abetting those committing Federal crimes.

(Breitbart Texas)  -  In an effort to defy federal immigration law and an upcoming plan by President-Elect Donald Trump to tighten immigration policies, the City of Los Angeles is setting up a “legal fund” to shield illegal immigrants from the law.

Los Angeles officials announced that a $10 million illegal immigrant fund would be set up to pay for the legal expenses of those facing deportation under the incoming Trump administration, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The “LA Justice Fund” is a joint effort by the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County, where the county’s Board of Supervisors will put forward $3 million and the city is expected to designate at least $1 million for the fund. The remaining funds will be gathered from “philanthropic groups,” according to the Times.

Los Angeles is the latest city to create a somewhat taxpayer-funded effort to pay for illegal immigrants’ legal expenses, as Chicago has recently set up a similar fund to shield illegals, according to the Chicago Herald.

Under Trump’s immigration plan, illegal immigrants with a criminal record will be deported and a southern border wall will be built under a massive infrastructure program.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

On that they seek their own goal .Votes.
If they "protect those illegals" they may get those votes they bring .
As numbers fallen on natives , foreigners may leveled those numbers to even , or rise them up .
Humanitarian reasons that may been argued , those are only a front , for the way some people move on that .