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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Romanian President rejects nomination of Muslim woman for PM

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  • The Muslim husband of the proposed Romanian prime minister is a supporter of the Islamist Hezbollah movement.
  • In spite of centuries of brutal oppression by Muslims we see Leftists propose to install a Muslim as Prime Minister.

(The Guardian)  -  Romania’s president has rejected a proposal by the leftist party that won elections this month to appoint the country’s first female and first Muslim prime minister.
Klaus Iohannis gave no reasons for rejecting the nomination of Sevil Shhaideh, put forward by the Social Democrats (PSD), but there was speculation that it may have been due to her Syrian husband’s background.
“I have properly analysed the arguments for and against and I have decided not to accept this proposal,” the president said in a televised statement. “I call on the PSD coalition to make another proposal.”
The PSD won 45% of the vote on 11 December. Its leader, Liviu Dragnea, withdrew his own bid to become prime minister because he is serving a two-year suspended sentence for fraud in a previous election.
Hezbollah fighters take an oath during a parade to continue
the path of resistance against Israel.

Shhaideh’s Muslim faith is not thought to have been a problem for Iohannis. Instead, the focus may have been on her Syrian husband, whom she married in 2011.
According to the non-profit investigative journalism group the Rise Project, he has several times expressed support for the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, and for the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah.
He worked in the Syrian agriculture ministry for 20 years before emigrating in 2011, according to media reports and Dragnea. He then served as an adviser to the Romanian agriculture ministry and gained citizenship in 2015.
Cătălin Predoiu, a former justice minister from the centre-right National Liberal party, said on Facebook that he could not see how Shhaideh could get the security clearance needed to be prime minister. Giving her the job would “give her access to defence information classified as secret, including from Nato,” he wrote.
Andrei Ţăranu, a political analyst, said: “In the absence of any explanations by the president, I suppose that his rejection is linked to questions of national security and because the United States would not have been very keen.”
The website HotNews cited unnamed sources as saying the security services had “strongly cautioned” against Shhaideh’s nomination because of the closeness to the Assad regime of her husband and his two brothers.
Dragnea was due to make a statement on Tuesday afternoon responding to the rejection. Some in his party called for Iohannis to be suspended.
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Anonymous said...

Vlad was not romanian , if is real that he fought turkish invasion , and ocupation of western black sea lands ...
Those histories of him , are made to scare his enemies , and keep them away .
Neverdeless in those times doesn`t work , as Jonh Hunyadi hungarians , and some western europeans allies , face defeat in Varna .
Blackness went down for centuries in eastern balkan region ...

Gary said...

Vlad was not a Romanian because Romania did not exist then. But he is considered a national hero of modern Romania.

Anonymous said...

may he was , as where he lived is called transylvania and are now on romania ... for many years ... and on those years ... that was hungary

Anonymous said...

hizbullah take oath on nazi style ?