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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ex-Intel Officer: CIA is Playing Political Games

CIA: "Russia Elected Trump"
From The People Who Created ISIS

  • It has long been on record that the CIA arms terrorists.  Do you think ISIS just went down to their local Walmart to pick up a few extra rocket launchers and machine guns?
  • Now the people who brought us the Middle East Clusterfuck and WMDs in Iraq tell us Russia hacked our elections.  Bullshit.

(DailyCaller)  -  Retired Army intelligence officer Tony Shaffer alleged Monday that CIA Director John Brennan is playing political games via a secret CIA assessment stating Russia interfered with the election to support GOP President-elect Donald Trump.
Speaking to WMAL radio Monday, Shaffer claimed that the secret CIA assessment, obtained by The Washington Post and described in an article last Friday, is a product of Brennan’s loyalty to President Barack Obama, The Washington Examiner reports.
“This is purely political, and I believe that John Brennan is a political animal,” Shaffer said. He added he has been talking with former CIA officials about the report. “Everything they are telling me is Brennan is doing this out of loyalty to President Obama.”
“It’s about undermining Trump, that’s what it is,” Shaffer said. “It’s called information operations, information warfare, and that’s what I believe is going on.”
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CIA Trying to Flip Electors to Hillary

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so ... is "trojan horse presidente of doom " behind that ?
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